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Meet the Team

Aimee Pugh-Bernard, PhD

Dr. Aimee Bernard with her husband Dr. Tim Bernard and their two children, 8-year-old twins Jack and Sawyer

Dr. Aimee Bernard with her husband Dr. Tim Bernard and their 8-year-old twins

Dr. Aimee Pugh-Bernard is an immunologist, an educator, and a mother of twins – all of which make her passionate about sharing the benefits and safety of immunization with fellow parents and our community.  Her love of science first sparked in a high school biology class and led her to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, followed by a PhD in Immunology. Aimee has since spent several years gaining research experience in the fields of developmental biology, molecular biology, and immunology. Her findings have been published in several prestigious scientific journals, including the Journal of Clinical Investigation and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Since the fall of 2007 Aimee has been a full-time Senior Instructor of Biology at the University of Colorado Denver where she teaches a variety of upper-level biology courses and enjoys mentoring students participating in off-campus biology-based internships. Aimee loves spending time with her husband Tim, her energetic and endlessly inquisitive 8-year-old twins, and her English bulldog Lulu. As an active member of the Denver community, she participates in several half-marathons a year and enjoys skiing in the Colorado mountains every winter.  Aimee is passionate about all she does and is excited to have an opportunity to share her knowledge of immunizations as an educator, scientific expert and a mom

Jennifer Stanton

Jennifer and her 4-year-old daughter Emma

Jennifer and her 4-year-old daughter, Emma

Jennifer Stanton is the mother of twin girls, one who passed away from meningitis.  She and her family created Mary’s Books, an ongoing book drive that collects children’s books for Children’s Hospital Colorado and Ronald McDonald House. To date, Mary’s Books has donated over 10,000 books. For more information about the book drive and Mary’s story, visit




Kristine Goodwin

Kristine Goodwin and FamilyKristine Goodwin is a freelance writer and health policy researcher living in Centennial, CO, with her husband and three daughters. She contracts with the organizations like the Immunize Colorado to research and write about immunization and other public health policies that matter to her.





Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH

SeanOLearyMDDr. O’Leary is a pediatrician and pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado). Prior to working at Children’s Colorado, he was a general pediatrician in a busy private practice for 8 years. In that time, he encountered many parents with concerns about vaccines. We asked Dr. O’Leary to talk a little about his experiences with parents who have questions about vaccines:

“Initially, I was concerned that these parents did not trust my judgment when I recommended vaccines for their children. I came to realize, though, that asking about vaccines was no different from any other part of parenting. These parents weren’t questioning my judgment: they just wanted to do what’s best for their children, and there is a lot of conflicting information about vaccines out there. Wanting to do more to help parents better understand vaccines was one of the main reasons I decided to return to Children’s Colorado and become a researcher and educator. I now spend much of time attempting to do just that: talking with other physicians about the best ways of communicating with families about vaccines, doing vaccine related research, and yes, still talking with families about vaccines.”

Dr. O’Leary is married and has two children, along with six chickens.  

Daniel Stoll

Stoll, Daniel 01x (ERAS)Dan Stoll is a medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In May he expects to graduate as an MD and to begin a residency in family medicine. Before entering medicine, he had a career in finance. He lives in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife Jennifer and their eight month old son.





Mandy Dempsey, MD, PhD, MPH


Amanda Dempsey, MD, PhD, MPH, has studied vaccine implementation issues for the last decade, focusing on both adolescent and childhood vaccines. She earned a doctorate degree at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., in 2000 and completed her residency at Seattle Children’s/University of Washington in 2003. In addition, she is involved in health services research/epidemiology. Dr. Dempsey has been affiliated with Pediatric Academic Society for seven years, the Society for Pediatric research for four years, the International Papillomavirus Society for six years and the Academic Pediatric Association for five years. Before Dr. Dempsey began her career in January 2012 with University of Colorado, she held the positions of assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan from 2006-2011 and acting instructor for the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington from 2003-2006. Dr. Dempsey’s interests include Immunization Delivery, vaccine refusal, human papillomavirus infection and mathematical modeling. Her clinical interests include sick and well general pediatrics, well newborn care and pediatric dermatology.

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