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Start the School Year Off Right With Vaccines!

As kids gear up to go back to school, we're reminding parents to check immunization off their back-to-school checklist!

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Immunology 101 Series: The Science Behind Flu Vaccines…and Why You Need One Every Year

By Aimee Pugh-Bernard, PhD

In the tenth installment of the Immunology 101 Series, Aimee will explain the science behind the vaccines for influenza.

It’s that time of year again. You guessed it – time to get your annual flu shot! As an immunologist I relish this time of year. The flu shot lets me train my immune system to defend me against the flu virus. I must admit that I call my children’s pediatrician office every year in late August and sign up for the first flu shot clinic available. I make sure that my family will have an immune army built, trained, and ready to defend us long before influenza (aka ‘the flu’) makes it to Denver! I do this because I know that the vaccines for influenza are safe and effective and that illness from the flu is very serious and potentially deadly. As a scientist who has read the literature, I understand that the risk from the flu shot is minimal compared to the danger of becoming sick from the flu.

Most people I encounter who are skeptical about the flu vaccine have the same questions. They often wonder why we need to get a flu shot every year, if the flu shot can actually give you the flu (spoiler alert – no!), and if the flu is even really a serious disease (spoiler alert – yes!).
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Coming Soon! ‘Immunize for Good’ Website for Spanish-Speaking Parents


There’s a lot of chatter going on these days about vaccines. Moms-to-be, new moms and seasoned moms are faced with loads of questions and concerns. What’s in the shots? Why are there so many? Should we space them out? Are they safe? What are the risks? And the challenge is, each of these questions is often met with conflicting answers. Read more