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Why I Chose to Vaccinate

By Briana Sprague, Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Coordinator at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

When I found out I was pregnant, my dream of having a child finally came true. There was nothing I wanted more in this life than to be a mother. I had known as long as I could remember that I was destined to become a mom. The birth of my son, Jackson, was singularly the best moment of my life. I knew instantly that I loved him more than anything and that protecting him was my new life mission. The first three days home from the hospital were probably the hardest days of my life but also the most rewarding. Each day that I get to watch my son grow tops the day before.

One thing I learned about myself after becoming pregnant is that I am scared of everything. While I’m not afraid to admit that, I am afraid of not being able to protect Jackson from everything that could potentially harm him. But that just isn’t possible.

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Immunology 101 Series: To Keep You and Your Baby Safe, Vaccines Are Expected When You’re Expecting

By Aimee Pugh-Bernard, PhD

True or False? A developing baby acquires protection against infectious diseases from its mother during pregnancy. TRUE! The immunizations a mother-to-be receives before and during pregnancy can help protect her newborn baby from some infectious diseases during the first few months of life.

In the eighth installment of the Immunology 101 Series, Aimee will explain the science behind immunization and pregnancy.
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Why Does My Baby Need a Vaccine in the Hospital?!

By Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH

Many parents think about the shots their baby will get to protect them from diseases as starting at the 2 month checkup, but there is actually a very important vaccination that should be given shortly after a baby is born: the hepatitis B vaccine.

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