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Immunization: Protection for Your Child, Protection for Your Community

By Dan Stoll

Most parents know that immunizations are a great way to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, pertussis, and many others. But did you know that immunizing your kids also contributes to your community? Read more

Why I’m Thankful for the HPV Vaccine

By Joseph R. Foster

Joseph R. Foster is a husband, dJoseph and Shelli Fosterad, Air Force officer, college professor, and cancer survivor. He’s been married to his wife Shelli for 21 years, has 16- and 14-year-old sons, has served as an aircraft maintenance officer in the Air Force, and currently teaches Political Science at the United States Air Force Academy. He has been cancer-free for 18 months. Joseph and his family live in Colorado Springs, Colo.

I love Thanksgiving. In fact, I think it’s the best holiday of the year. I love the focus on getting together with family and friends, the football games, the food, and the walk after eating the food…if only to prove to yourself that you can, indeed, still move. Some people go to movies on Thanksgiving. Some watch the parades. My wife’s family often spends Thanksgiving night with the advertisement inserts from the newspaper, devising their Black Friday strategy. Until a few years ago, my Thanksgiving memories were pretty typical, I think, nice and predictable. Then I had an appointment with the ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeon at the Air Force Academy hospital in 2012 about that pesky swollen lymph node that wouldn’t “shrink back down.” Read more