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¿Va Bien? New Vaccine Information Website for Spanish-Speaking Parents

vacunalosporsubien.comAmidst the exciting arrival of a new prince, we are pleased to announce our latest addition – Vacúnalos Por Su Bien. As Colorado’s first comprehensive vaccine information website for Spanish-speaking parents, will play an important role in ensuring that all Colorado parents have access to vaccine information based in science and fact.

Vacúnalos Por Su Bien employs the same confident, informed message as its English counterpart,

Immunization is a proud badge of honor you can choose to give your child. Simple as that. And when they’re protected, they can be at their best. They can get out there and be kids—kids who grow into strong, healthy adults. The choice to immunize is for the good of your child, and it’s a decision you make for good, once and for all, for their whole, entire, live-long lives. Now is every parent’s time to respect the facts, protect our children, and ask ourselves, “You good?” And as immunization rates increase, and Colorado becomes a strong, united front of protected, healthy kids, we’ll have the answer we’re all hoping for. “Yeah, we’re good.”

However, rather than simply translate, campaign partners CCIC and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment took care to make sure all messages are culturally appropriate and the specific needs of Spanish-speaking parents are addressed. As a go-to source for everything Spanish-speaking parents need to know about getting their child vaccinated, the website answers questions such as:

  • Why should I vaccinate my child?
  • Are vaccines safe?
  • How do vaccines work?
  • Where can I get my child vaccinated?
  • What are my options for paying for vaccines?
  • How can I make shots less stressful or painful for my child?

Spanish billboardIf you live in the metro Denver area, you may have noticed Vacúnalos Por Su Bien billboards in your neighborhood or heard radio advertisements on your drive to and from work. In addition to the website, the Spanish-language campaign includes outdoor media and radio ads, an animated “How Vaccines Work” video for parents and kids, a chart which explains each of the vaccines and the disease(s) it protects against, as well as printed postcards for parents.

To order FREE English or Spanish postcards for your organization or practice, please complete this form.

You can read more about the launch of in the CDPHE press release. (Also available in Spanish.)

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