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Coming Soon! ‘Immunize for Good’ Website for Spanish-Speaking Parents


There’s a lot of chatter going on these days about vaccines. Moms-to-be, new moms and seasoned moms are faced with loads of questions and concerns. What’s in the shots? Why are there so many? Should we space them out? Are they safe? What are the risks? And the challenge is, each of these questions is often met with conflicting answers.

The good news is there’s somewhere you can go to get the facts about vaccines in a fun, easy-to-digest format., a partnership of the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition and the Colorado Department of Public Health Immunization Section, is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about your child’s vaccines. You can get information on each vaccine and the disease(s) it protects against, vaccine safety, the current recommended vaccine schedule, helpful resources, and view (or give!) parent testimonials. You can also watch an adorable parent and kid-friendly animation that explains how vaccines work. You can even use Good to Go, a free mobile web tool, to help keep track of your child’s vaccines and get the facts on-the-go.  And while you’re reading about why the majority of Colorado parents choose immunization for their families, you can watch “The Bathroom Tango” – a trick every parent knows all too well.

Beginning this June, the website will also be available for Spanish-speaking parents. The new ‘transcreated’ website (which means it is not simply a translation but a thoughtfully researched and  re-branded website),, will address Spanish-speaking parents’ needs and concerns such as, Why do kids need vaccines? Are they safe?  and Where can I get my child vaccinated?  The popular “How Vaccines Work” animated video will also be presented in Spanish for viewing at home, and in clinical and educational settings. Additionally, Colorado parents will be able to get Vacúnalos por su bien printed information from their primary care physicians (Immunize for Good cards and posters are already available in English).

Want to help spread the good? Here are ways you can get involved:

Together, let’s make sure to  every Colorado kid can proudly say, I’m good.”

Respect the facts. Protect your child. Immunize for good.

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