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Special Invitation To A Tasty Evening

The Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition invites YOU — the moms, dads, doctors, health care professionals and community members who champion for childhood immunizations — to join us at our 3rd annual SOUP! (Shots Offer Unrivaled Protection) event on Tuesday, April 27.

This fun, heartwarming event will raise funds and awareness for childhood immunizations and give guests a chance to sample soup, wine, beer and desserts from some of Denver’s finest restaurants. For busy moms, dads and professionals, SOUP! is a night away from it all – the perfect opportunity to celebrate your choice to keep Colorado’s kids healthy, sample delicious food and enjoy great company!

At CCIC, we think it is incredibly important to speak up for your belief and your choice to vaccinate your children. A recent national survey shows that 88% of parents vaccinate their children and according to a statewide survey 79% of Colorado parents vaccinate their children. The majority of parents do give their children the gift of immunization. That is certainly something to celebrate!

In today’s world of social media and online forums, it can be intimidating and hard to speak up for your choice. CCIC is fortunate to be part of a community of moms who support and believe in the benefits of vaccination. Our favorite mommy bloggers share their daily joys, challenges and even their personal decisions with readers and followers from across the globe. They inspire readers through their honest, humorous parenting stories, and assure other parents that immunization is the best choice for kids’ health. You can read about their personal experiences with childhood vaccination, including the tears, concerns and triumphs here:

Thanks to our community of immunization supporters, we are nurturing healthy, happy children who will not have to experience the horrible, disfiguring, and sometimes fatal diseases of generations past. Join CCIC in celebrating our efforts and accomplishments, and reward yourself for making the healthiest choice for Colorado’s children.

For more information about SOUP! or to purchase tickets, visit

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